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If your home has a moisture problem, then the odds are it could also have a mold problem. Learn more about how we get rid of dangerous mold and prevent it from returning.

Do You Need Mold Remediation?

Yes. Despite popular claims, mold remediation is not a simple DIY project. You need an expert opinion and an experienced team who can resolve any potential mold dangers.

Mold growth in a home is a very common and dangerous problem to have. While you may not even notice mold growing, it can still pose serious health risks to you and your family. Long-term exposure to mold can cause respiratory problems, headaches, fatigue, or even asthma attacks.

Additionally, the dark, moist conditions of your basement and crawl space are perfect breeding grounds for all kinds of dangerous mold. To make it even more dangerous, about half of the air you breathe in your home comes up from the lower level. Don’t take any chances with mold. Call Kefficient.

Kefficient Mold Remediation and Mold Removal Services in Midlothian, VA

  1. As is the case with any project, we start all mold treatment procedures with a thorough inspection of the space. We search the home for any mold growth taking place before discerning what the cause of this growth is.
  2. More often than not, mold growth is due to an unaddressed moisture problem somewhere in the home. Unfortunately, chemicals alone cannot permanently rid your home of mold. If the sources are never addressed, mold will return.
  3. The methods we use to resolve your mold problems depend on the severity. Some cases will include insulating the affected space. However, in more extreme cases, our mold removal experts may replace building materials, seal your entire basement, and reduce humid air throughout the home. Every situation is different, and we have the expertise to handle whatever nature throws at us.

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Concerned About Financing?

At Kefficient, we understand that home repairs can be sudden and costly. That is why we offer 0% interest for 12 months and other financing options to our customers for all our home repair services. Learn more about Kefficient’s financing options on our financing page.

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