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Basement Waterproofing Case Study – Elizabeth H.

Project manager: Daniel Breed
Customer: Elizabeth H.
Location: Richmond, Va 23234

Stopping Water Seepage In Homeowner's Home Basement Waterproofing

Elizabeth reached out to Kefficient by phone for an estimate to waterproof her basement. After receiving a high-pressure sales pitch from another company, she decided to schedule some estimates with a few other waterproofing companies, including Kefficient. Her issue was water seepage throughout her basement's foundation anytime there was a heavy amount of rain. She had lived with this for quite some time, but she decided to rectify the issues if she decided to sell the home in the near future.

Daniel performed a free inspection to understand Elizabeth's concerns and developed a plan to resolve the water intrusion issues in her basement. After a thorough inspection of the basement and understanding Elizabeth's concerns, Daniel determined that water was primarily entering through the slab of the home and some foundation walls when there was heavy rain.

Interior Footer Drain and Dual Sump Pump Removed The Water

Water seepage in the basement, whenever it rained, was an indication of hydrostatic pressure build-up around the home in which water finds the weakest point to enter. Daniel explained that a complete interior waterproofing system was necessary to resolve the issues at hand.

The solution required installing an interior footer drain around the home's perimeter; this would drain into a large basin with a dual sump pump. This system has a battery backup system in case of a loss of power. A vapor barrier is then attached to the walls to catch the water that may seep through the walls and drains them into the drainage system.

This has completely resolved Elizabeth's wet basement issues, even after some of the hardest rains we've had.

Customer Quote

It was a very refreshing and good experience and I have peace of mind now. - Elizabeth H.

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