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Basement Waterproofing Case Study – Win L.

Project manager: Cale Poole
Customer: Win L.
Location: Richmond, VA 23234

Stopping Water Seepage In Homeowner's Home Basement Waterproofing

Win reached out to Kefficient for an estimate to waterproof her basement. Years after Hurricane Isabel flooded their basement in 2003, Win and her husband were becoming increasingly concerned Virginia could see another big storm and decided they needed to waterproof their basement. After reaching out to several different companies, they chose Kefficient because they were the most reasonable and the most responsive.

Derek performed a free inspection to understand what Win and her husband wanted for their home and developed a plan to waterproof their basement against another big storm. After inspecting their basement and listening to what happened to their home during Hurricane Isabel, Derek determined that water had entered where the foundation walls meet the slab.

A complete interior waterproofing system was the answer

When water finds its way into a basement, it indicates that hydrostatic pressure has built up around the home and found the weakest point to enter. In Win’s case, the heavy continuous rains from Hurricane Isabel drenched the area around their foundation and forced its way into her basement at multiple points. Derek explained that if they wanted to be protected from the next big storm, a complete interior waterproofing system needed to be installed.

The first part of Kefficient’s solution required installing an interior footer drain system around the perimeter of Win’s foundation. This drain system would then lead into a large basin with a sump pump, which included a battery backup system if the power was knocked out during a storm. To complete the system, a vapor barrier was then attached to their basement walls to catch any water that made it into their foundation through their walls and drain it into the drainage system.

Kefficient’s solution to waterproofing Win’s basement has left her and her husband confident their home will stay dry if Virginia sees another massive storm like Isabel.