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The whole experience of getting this project done was wonderful. All of our questions were answered when we had them and communication was very good. When the project ran over time, they worked well with our schedule to get it completed. In the office we worked with Daniel and Jodi and they were both a pleasure to speak with. Very patient with our questions. Cale the project manager, and Ernesto the lead, communicated very well what was going on and when I had a question. We tried hard to stay out of the way but they were all patient when we wanted to come and take a peak at progress. There was also a young man on the crew, Alexander, that was always smiling and helpful and would translate for me if I had a question and Ernesto was busy. That whole crew really hustles!
It rained heavily just days after the project, and my basement is dry! It does not smell musty any more, and we can begin the process of adding our finishing touches. I am so excited and thankful!